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About Us

featured-service-1-iconPart Shahr Ati Co. was established in 2004 to fulfill engineering services in construction industry. The company has a certificate as Contractor of Construction and Retroration of Ancient monuments from the Vice President of Planning and Strategic Supervision organization.

Organizational structure
This company includes two technical-executive and logistics groups. The technical-executive group itself has three different departments, planning, designing-construction and strategic management. Logistics department’s duty is to supervise proper execution of activities and internal affairs of company. This group also includes administrative, financial and technical support units, which are under direct supervision of CEO.

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Our Services

Architecture planning

• Location of project

• Feasibility study in all technical, economic, and directorial aspects

• Primary studies

• Preparation of physical plan


• Architectural designing

• Restoration and retrofit design and Pathology, ...

• Designing landscape and scenery

• Interior designing

• Designing executive details


• Project management

• Executive operations

• Management of workshops

• Supervision and fulfillment of projects

• Providing statements

• Project quality control

• Logistics


• Designing facade

• Providing technical specification of facade

• Surveying

• Providing Shop Drawings

• Providing profile maps and specifications

• Ordering profiles

• Installation of parts